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August 2010 Minutes


August 19, 2010

The Kohrs Memorial Library trustees met for their monthly meeting on Thursday, August 19, 2010. In attendance were Chair Sheila Thompson, Rose Marie Bradshaw, Randy Chong, Kathy Foster, Tom Wang and librarian Kate Potter.

Reading of the Minutes The June minutes were approved as read.

Librarian’s Report. Kate requested board approval for the following procedural change in the librarian’s report: Books loaned to other libraries will count in the monthly usage statistics; books borrowed from other libraries will not. The board unanimously approved the change.

New Trustee Confirmation. New board member Tom Wang formally introduced himself to the other board members. Tom mentioned that his wife, Holly, served on the library foundation board. Randy asked for more information on the foundation, and Kate agreed to supply a report.

Old business. Randy made the motion to accept the staff job descriptions as presented at the June meeting. Kathy seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

New Business.

· Building Updates. The board reviewed a listing of problems – actual and potential – regarding the library building. Please see the attached Addendum for the discussion points. Randy asked that Kate create prioritize needs for the building by categorizing them into capital improvements versus maintenance items.

After the discussion, the board took a tour of the building.

Additionally, Kate brought up the following points for dialogue:

1. The circulation software is old, and the manufacturer no longer supports it. When the software is replaced, new computer hardware will be necessary. The board reviewed a report about the Montana Shared Catalog (MSC), one of the alternatives to the current system. The board examined MSC subscribers for comparison to the Kohrs Library. There are a number of libraries similar in size to the Kohrs library using MSC. Kathy suggested the library should start planning for a change as soon as possible. Alternative systems will be explored at the September meeting.

2. Library staffing. Current staffing levels make it difficult for substitutions, and breaks for the director. The level also limits the possibility of expanding into Monday hours. It was pointed out that staffing levels are fixed for the current fiscal year, and will be explored further in the future.

3. The group discussed the possibility of obtaining a cash register for the circulation area. A funding request will be presented to the library friends’ group.

Summer Reading Program Wrap-up. The summer reading program ended successfully, with an average of 63 children and parents attending each of the six programs. Kudos were offered for two of the programs - The Art of Water(color): Deer Lodge Art Club, and Splish Splash! Water Games: A Mystery Crew (Sheila Thompson) – that split into two programs each to better accommodate the kids.

A greater emphasis will be put on reading accomplishments for next summer’s programming.

Tom asked about fall programming for the library. Jodie Powell is the chair of the county adult education program, for which the library provides classroom space. Kate is a member on the board. A class schedule should be complete in the next few weeks. Sheila spoke of the popularity of Lee Silliman’s chemistry programs, so Kate will bring it to the education board.

· Book Sale. The Friends of the Kohrs Library group will hold its annual book sale on Saturday, September 11, 2010. Ellen Perry will once again be in charge of the sale.

· Staff Continuing Education Opportunities. Kate reported that the staff would be taking a 4-hour readers’ advisory course from the state library continuing education trainer. Additionally, staff members are completing individual training courses. Tina Saville recently attended a webinar on creative ways to draw young adults into the library.

Comments. Kate spoke to the board about recent difficulties she had regarding her position with the library.

The board approved Kate’s travel to the annual Montana State Library conference in Great Falls in September. The state will cover all expenses because Kate is a new director.

The next trustees’ meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 16, at 5 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kate Potter, Secretary

William K. Kohrs Memorial Library Meeting

August 19, 2010


Building Update

  • The basement room where the public computers and movies are located needs to be tested for mold and any problems found need mitigated. During the library tour, the board observed the problem area and noticed the musty smell.. Sheila said she had the name of a professional resource who can be contacted for information/estimates.
  • Air ducts need cleaned. It’s possible the air ducts in question are no longer active. Randy suggested the cleaning should be done annually as part of routine building maintenance.
  • There are unsafe electrical wiring configurations in the circulation area. An electrician will be consulted as to the wiring in the circulation area. Electricians mentioned included Bob Doland, Steve Lunsford and Dean DeSilva.
  • The lighting upstairs needs fixed or replaced. Electrician Bob Doland is working up an estimate for the repair of the lighting over the circulation and children’s areas. The lights flicker on and off on a rotating basis.
  • The children’s area needs more shelving. Kate pointed out that the children’s area needs new shelving to improve height accessibility for children’s books. Rose Marie suggested this could be a project for the high school shop class. The friends group could purchase the needed materials. Sheila will contact the shop teacher. Tom also suggested the Job Corps in Anaconda as another possibility for having the shelves built. Kate said there may be an Eagle Scout candidate who could build shelving.
  • Carpet needs professionally cleaned, and replaced in some areas. There should be no carpet in the enclosed computer room downstairs. The room should be tiled or have laminate. Board members talked about alternatives to the carpet currently in the basement computer room. Randy asked when the carpet had been cleaned. Kate had found notes indicating that parts of the carpet – the stairs – had been cleaned in July 2009.
  • The storage areas are full of broken computer equipment and junk: piles of plastic bags (mold was found on these recently), other outdated electronic equipment, boxes, books, etc. Note: Old, outdated and/or broken computer equipment can be found in the upstairs office, also. Rose Marie noted that Butte had recently had a citywide computer recycling program, and recommended contacted the Butte-Silver Bowe Chamber of Commerce. Sheila will follow up. Kathy added that the mill has computer equipment that needs to be recycled, also, making it a possibility to have a recycling day in Deer Lodge.
  • The basement room full of rare books should be climate controlled. Randy noted the lack of air flow through the rare books room, also located in the basement. He noted this would be a capital improvement. The group also stepped into the genealogy society’s room where the humidity was noted to be quite high.
  • The public door by the elevator should have an automatic push-to-open button. Kate will look into options for possible purchase by the friends group.
  • There should be cans outside of the basement door and at the bottom of the front steps for patrons to put out their cigarettes. Pricing options need to be explored and presented to the friends. Montana brush and Broom was mentioned as a resource.
  • One of the windows in the children’s area is broken. Done! Thanks, Randy.
  • Both toilets need repaired. Done! Thanks, Randy.
  • The faucets in the upstairs bathroom are leaking. Done! Thanks, Randy.
  • Too many keys to the building have been distributed – the exact number unknown. Kate voiced concerns over members of the community having keys to building for use after hours. There is no inventory of keys. Randy said one option is re-keying of the building with selective keying controlling access to certain areas of the library. It was noted that the board chair should have a set of keys, since she is second on the call list in case the building alarm goes off.
  • There is no set plan for lawn care. This has been an issue of much discussion. Kate reported that the community service volunteer who had been cleared by the city to mow the lawn had stopped coming. Randy reported he had talked with city council member and finance committee chair Lyle Gillette. It was suggested the library director report concerns at the upcoming finance committee meeting on Sept. 7. Kate, Randy and Sheila will attend the meeting.

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