Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November 8, 2010, Minutes


Present: Sheila Thompson (Chair), Rose Marie Bradshaw, Randy Chong, Kathy Foster, and Tom Wang, and Kate Potter.
Director’s Position. Kathy made the motion to accept Kate’s resignation, which was presented to the board at a previous meeting. Tom seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. The board also agreed that December 17 would be her last day. Additionally, members agreed to review the director’s job description prior to open the search.
Library Postage. Due to the cost of postage for interlibrary loans (ILL), the board will review the library’s interlibrary statistics. Kate provided a report indicating that the $1 Kohrs patrons pay for the service – subsided by a quarterly payment from the Friends group of $250 – covers the postage costs. However, loans of Kohrs items to other libraries carry a cost of an average of $2.63 per item. (Attachment 1)
Kate will look into the ILL procedures of other libraries and report back to the board. She will also attend the next Friends meeting to ask about a subsidy for the second quarter of FY 2011.
The board also is reviewing copy/printing costs. The library charges 10 cents for copies from the Canon copier and from the computer printer. Color copies are 10 cents also. Kate will report on what other libraries charges for copies and board members will check on prices for printing cartridges.
Tom suggested tabling any decisions on raising the cost to patrons until the November 18 meeting, when the board will have more information. Other board members agreed.
· Sheila spoke with John Skibsrud regarding the possibility of obtaining a loan from the library foundation. He explained that the foundation funds are tied up in investments. However, the foundation can help with fundraising contacts.
· Kathy reported that she and Sheila received good information at the trustees training in Missoula (November 6). She noted it is important to measure the time and costs of any fundraising projects against any potential revenues.
· Sheila said she has been contacted by many people interested in helping the library. Rose Marie agreed that she had heard from many people, also. However, many people would prefer that their donations not just go into the city’s general fund. Members noted that donations can be made to the foundation or to the Friend’s group.
· Rose Marie suggested that a record be started for donations that come directly to the library, so the board will have a funding tally. Kate will set this up.
· The board discussed the library reserve fund. Is the reserve fund invested? It was noted that reserve fund expenditures must be $500 or more and be used for improvements/repairs that will last 5 years or more.
· Tom recommended that the board contact Dwight O’Hara for assistance in examining the budget and reserve fund.
· The Women’s Club is willing to do a soup event.
· Rose Mare reiterated that the Women’s Club will be donating $1200 and the Literacy Board will be donating $500.
· The board will be voting on fundraising issues at its November 18 meeting.
Other business. Sheila met again with city clerk Donna Seaton to go over budget numbers. The foundation’s FY2010 donation to the library was accounted for. Donna said she would give the board a revenue/expenditure report at the beginning of each month.
The Powell County FY2011 library contribution will be $6000, instead of the $3000 estimated by the city.
Respectfully Submitted,

Kate Potter
Note: Attachments can be viewed at the library.

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